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The Completed value beside your OCN username indicates how many Foldathons you have participated in this year. You require 10 out of 12 Foldathons in a year to recieve a Foldathon Badge for that year in your signature.

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RankF@H UserOCN User
PrizePPD 3 DayStartFinishTotal ↓% Total
0Intervention302JCfUZQsq (0)Yes00000.00%
667jagdtiggerJCfUZQsq (0)Yes00000.00%
0james99gJCfUZQsq (0)Yes00000.00%
0JamesonNorthJCfUZQsq (0)Yes00000.00%
0JCoffee90JCfUZQsq (0)Yes00000.00%
0Jd59192beuvragesJCfUZQsq (0)Yes00000.00%
0jdallaraJCfUZQsq (0)Yes00000.00%
0JeblasJCfUZQsq (0)Yes00000.00%
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